Monday, August 8, 2011

GameFly Review

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This special review on GameFly is not about video games but about a company that I believe is going to see profits close to Netflix. GameFly is a mail based video game company that allows you to rent video games directly to your house (Netflix for Gamers!). Part of the reason I started writing this blog was to inform gamers about which games not to waste their money (or even time in some cases).

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GameFly is a great resource for gamers who love to play a vast amount of games but doesn't want to pay the full price (usually $60) for every single one of them. Gamefly allows you rent up to 2 games per month for $22 or 1 game for $15. I honestly think the 1 game for $15 isn't saving you money and not worth it. The reason being is that the only con to using Gamefly is the slow..slow...slow shipping time compared to Netflix. Gamefly in some cases can take up to a full week to receive and ship a game to me when Netflix will do it in 3 days. However movies only cost $20-$40 depending if you went for Blu-ray while video games are $60 and therefore worth the extra wait.

The picture to my right is how I feel now when I get that email on my phone saying your game has been shipped. Well maybe not that excited : )

Not only do I try to quickly run through games and try to score all the achievement points all day but I often find myself stuck on my GameFly app on my phone, adding games to the que.

GameFly Rates:
Convenience 8/10 GameFly probably saves me an average of $80 per month because I normally would have bought at least 2 games.

Fun Factor 8/10 For $22 a month I can't think of anything that would provide more entertainment at that cost.

Overall Value 8.5/10 I would normally give this a 9/10 value but I don't like the seemingly long waiting for games to be received. If GameFly shortens the wait time to at least 3-4 days instead of 5, I will be a life long customer (that is if they don't raise the prices like Netflix just did).

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  1. I used to be a Gamefly customer until I discovered the Blockbuster Movie Pass. The Blockbuster Movie Pass works in the same way as most big online video rental companies. Except you only pay $10 per month; rent the games for as long as you want, without being stung with a late fee. See which ones you think are worth buying, and you can even buy them used from Blockbuster too. Let’s face it, saving money is a good thing and that’s why I added Blockbuster to my employee account at DISH Network.