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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

League of Legends Wukong Review

League of Legends Wukong
League of Legends new champion Wukong represents the legendary monkey king from Japanese folk tales. Wukong is the embodiment of the character from the Dragon Ball Z series as well.
See the Resemblance?

Wukong the new League of Legends champion is a beast and very fun to play. Wukong primary role is to inflict dps while decoying the enemy champions. Wukongs abilities allow him to strike from afar (nimbus strike) and then create an image of himself to distract enemy champions (decoy) and run away if need be. Not to mention he comes equipped with the legendary monkey king staff and has a move that will inflict extra damage on your next hit.

League of Legends Wukong Nimbus Strike
How to play Wukong- Wukong is to be played as a hit and run champion. In the beginning of the game it is recommended to purchase Dorans Blade to increase dps and health which is a very useful starting weapon. I will upgrade my first ability in Nimbus strike, then once I hit level 2 get decoy and start targeted enemy champions with Nimbus strike then use decoy to leave with no damage.

If you can work this effectively you can push the enemy back to his tower and now they are on the defensive. The next item to go for are Berserkers Greaves, which increase Wukongs movement speed and attack speed. Wukongs main disadvantage is his speed so its best to acquire these boots early in game and perhaps pick up the Ghost spell to chase enemy champions or run back to base. Be careful not to start an all out brawl with Wukong because if he is targeted by the enemy team then you will not last long. Wukong has decent health but he is not a tank which means you will get targeted. Just look for ways to help your teammates gank enemy champions or keep using the nimbus strike/decoy combo to push lanes. I normally go for Trinitiy Force (even though its very costly) after the Berserkers Greaves and by that time you should be a DPSing machine.
Wukong's Volcanic Skin
If you follow those basics you will definitely know how to play Wukong as a well rounded champion. However here are the advantages and disadvantages of playing as Wukong.

Pros- Decent character all around as far as staying alive and inflicting damage. I have seen other League of Legends playerscarry a team with Wukong if you utilize his nimbus strike and decoy attacks properly.

Cons- He is a slow character which makes it hard to play catch up if you normally have to run back and forth to the base. For some reason Wukong cannot get a majority of the killing blows which means your teammates will usually get the kill. I have experienced this using Wukong myself and other Wukong players have as well.

Overall- though Wukong is a fun character to play as and isn't to difficult to learn. I recommend trying him out at least once especially if you enjoyed the Dragon Ball Z series. I mean nimbus cloud, magic staff, and a monkey tail what more could you ask for lol!

Finally Riot Games has heard League of Legends fans complaints and added new maps to play! Dominion maps are set to come out soon and you can count that I will have posted a review with tips, tricks, and advice when Dominion is live.

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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Nintendo 3DS Review

Nintendo 3DS Review
I went ahead and took advantage of my Powerup Rewards card offer and bought the Nintendo 3DS for $99. Let me tell you that I am not disappointed! (Nintendo Consoles/games have been a huge let down as of late but start purchasing stock in Nintendo again ladies and gentlemen because the Nintendo 3DS is spectacular.

Nintendo 3DS HD Pictures
The Nintendo 3DS is like having a portable Xbox/PS2/Gamecube in your hand. Not only are the graphics in 3D but the 3DS can also go online, take HD pictures, download Gameboy games directly to a SD card, and be used as a mp3 player.

Nintendo 3DS HD pictures are high quality and can be stored on the SD that it comes with. I was planning on buying a new camera but after seeing that my 3DS takes HD quality pictures and my cell phone does as well, why bother?

The controls on the 3DS are a big upgrade from the normal directional pad because it comes with a mini joystick pad that makes games like Super Street Fighter 4 and Dead or Alive a lot easier to play on hand helds. I also really like the sleek metallic design that the 3DS has because it feels very modern.

Graphics- The graphics are quite amazing, I turned my Nintendo 3DS on when I got home and was staring at the screen wondering how Nintendo created a hand held device that had Xbox like graphics. I remember playing on those big fat gray Gameboy's like it was yesterday and now cell phones have free apps that have better graphics. Technology has come a long way in such a short amount of time.

Here is an example of how good the graphics are for this hand held device. Doesn't that remind you of the Gamecube graphics that was out just 5 years ago?

Not only are the graphics very detailed but the 3D images do work and without those annoying glasses! (When will the movies learn)

There is however a few cons to having such detailed 3D images on a hand held. The first is that sometimes the images blur for poorer quality games, which can get very annoying. The second con is that after staring into the device for about 20 minutes you will develop a slight headache. One solution to the headaches are to just pause the game and take a break (eat a sandwich you lazy bums) or you can turn down the 3D graphics. Even when the 3D graphics are turned off the images are more detailed than a regular DS which is nice.

Nintendo 3DS Rates: (Can you tell that I like the aqua color?)

Graphics 9/10, For a hand held device what more can you ask for? The images are in 3D, require no glasses and not to mention look like your playing the previous generation of consoles.

Controls 8/10 The controls are similar to the Nintendo DS except the addition of the mini joystick which I like, and a new home button.

Audio 7/10 The only reason I rated the audio is because of the issue I have with the volume. It doesn't seem to get as loud as previous Gameboy's which is kind of disappointing. They are loud enough to hear but if you have the TV on or loud neighbors good luck trying to block out distractions.

Features 9/10 When I read that the Nintendo 3DS can take HD pictures I was impressed but the features don't stop there. The 3DS has WiFi capabilities to download older games, a sound management section for listening to music, a Mii character, and much more.

Overall, I am pretty impressed with the Nintendo 3DS and recommend purchasing one with the recent price cut from $249 to $169. You will definitely be seeing more Nintendo 3DS game reviews coming, (especially for Star Fox :).

What do you guys think about the 3DS? Has anyone tried to download a Gameboy game from the online store yet? Leave some comments and some luv!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Review

Marvel Ultimate Alliance

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 is Ravens latest video game that utilizes their tried and true action rpg formula. This is the 4th installment to their marvel action rpg's after X-men Legends and the first Marvel Ultimate Alliance. If you're a fan of super heroes and comics than this game was made for you. This game does implement some new features that make the game play a bit more dynamic than just mashing the A button, such as the Fusion special powers. Not to mention the host of 24 payable characters to keep it interesting.
Marvel Ultimate Alliance Playable Characters

Fusion powers are combining 2 of your heroes abilities together such as Hulk and Thor smashing the ground with Hulk smash and Thors Hammer. You get an achievement for doing all 24 character fusions which is kinda easy points. Actually almost every achievement in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 is a freebie (utilize this game if you care about gamer).

If only Dead Pool had Mjolnir
The games storyline is based off of the Civil War series where during the middle of the game you have to choose anti or pro registration for revealing super hero identities. This decision will change the path you take during game play and will also change a few of the available characters (which pissed me off cuz I had to go back and redo it on legendary). The storyline could have been a bit more engaging but it was sufficient enough to keep me entertained. This game is basically a Marvel dungeon crawler because you go through levels just obliterating hordes of enemies while collecting fun items/artifacts to unlock 3 powerful characters (Thor shows his godly powers in this one).

I am hoping that X-Men Destiny will have similar fighting style features to this game. I also searched for any rumors about Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 but couldn't find any relevant information about it coming out. Hurry up Raven and make us Marvel comic fans another sequel!

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Rates

Graphics 7/10 Not horrible graphics for the 360 but definitely not the best either. The cut scenes look almost as if you're watch an Iron Man movie drunk or something, but we can all expect the low edge graphics from the previous titles.

Gameplay 7/10 This game is loads of fun if your a fan of Marvel or comics in general but if you don't care for super heroes then I would stray away from this title.

Audio 8/10 All the characters sound like their normal selves and come with a few funny jokes here and there. Especially Dead pool's and Hulk's, make sure you ask a few questions with them.

Replay Value 7/10 It was a hard decision because I think it deserves more than a 7 but at the same time the game does get repetitive. It is fun though replaying both pro-registration and anti-registration on different difficulties.

Overall this game is a 7 and a rent would suffice for super hero fans. If you can't wait like me for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 there is Marvel vs Capcom 3 to hold us off for a while.

Has anyone heard any rumors of Marvel Ultimate alliance 3 yet?

Here is a cool game trailer in case you are wondering what the game play looks like.